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Electronic- and Hardware Development:
We are very experienced in:
- digital electronic
- analogue electronic
- microprocessors
    - ARM Cortex M7, M3 und M0
    - Freescale MC9S12xxx (HCS12 Core)
    - Motorola 68VZ328
    - MicroChip PIC
    - Intel 8051
    - Rockwell 6502
- digital signal processors
    - Freescale DSP5630x
    - Texas Instruments TMS320C15
- design of FPGAs
    - Xilinx Spartan, Artix, Virtex und Zynq Serie
    - Actel ProASIC3 series
    - in VHDL
- design of enclosures

Firm- and Software Development:
We specialize in:
- assembly languages
- C/C++
- MS-Windows based test programs

This expertise was acquired during the development of the following products:
- electronic organ
- test equipment for the mass production of thick film hybrids
- test equipment for the mass production of RF-ID products
- barcode reader for compact disc inspection
- video cameras for the inspection of compact discs
- digital signal processing modules for the inspection of compact discs
- modules for digital audio and control networks
- digital mixing consoles for the radio broadcast industry
- e-machine emulators

Technical Documentation:
The documentation is always an important part of product development. The documentation has been written in English for the past 20 years.

Company Portraits and Product Presentations:
Your ideas and requirements will be executed in a professional and creative way:
- as print
- as interactive CD or DVD
- as video
Depending on the requirements we utilize text, graphics, pictures, video and computer graphics to accomplish this.

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